Wednesday, July 23, 2008


This picture makes me laugh...Maddox has got the body builder pose down already. He was so funny, he kept changing his position just a little bit and say "take a picture like like this, and this" He would say "take a picture of my muscles, they're big". He was so serious and I was trying so hard not to let him see me laughing.

for fun

Monday, July 21, 2008

Mom's Garden

Where is Griffin?

My garden has exploded! The huge plant in the middle is 1 zucchini plant. On the right I have pole beans and tomatoes. On the left I have bell peppers and carrots. Behind the zucchini are some cucumbers and hiding under the zucchini plant (probably slowly dying) are carrots on the left and strawberries on the right. Lots of little flower buds, so hopefully we'll start seeing some vegetables soon. In the mean time, Maddox reports to me every morning on the growth of the beans. He's very proud of those, because he planted them and makes sure they have enough water.
Griffin thinks he found a great hiding spot. Every time I say it's time to go inside, he runs back behind the tomato plants and makes it very difficult for me to catch him. I don't quite fit anymore!

Griffin gets a haircut...

This is the before shot, notice how happy he is....

And this is the after shot...not so happy anymore. This is also after nap and with sunblock in his hair, so its a little extra wild.
I still don't think he needed a haircut, but everyone else seemed to think he did. I would also get a lot of comments about how cute "she" is, so I took that as a sign. But I think we'll go a little shorter, he kind of looks like Annie to me now. But way cuter of course.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Muddy mud

Griffin has discovered the great qualities of mud...good for the skin, nice traction for his tractors and perfect for doing some extreme bike riding. Oh, but his favorite...chasing Maddox with two big handfuls!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Early harvest

Okay, so it wasn't quite time to pick the bell pepper, Maddox was just "looking" and it fell into his hands. That's okay, looks like we'll be getting a few more. But doesn't it still look good? I can't believe I grew a vegetable!