Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

we finally colored eggs last night!

maddox really wasn't very interested because he did not like the smell of the vinegar. i really think he just wanted to have an excuse to play his ds.

griffin loved putting the eggs in the color, but then wanted to take them right out to do the next ones. didn't really want to wait.

but reese knew exactly what to do. i was worried she would spill the dye and make a mess, but she did really well. she licked the egg spoon once and threw 2 eggs on the floor, but i was very impressed with her. she actually was the most into it.

once the eggs were colored, no one was even interested in decorating them. maybe when reese is a little older, we can decorate together. its a girl thing i guess.

you can tell i was playing with my camera settings. i'm really trying to stay away from the "auto" setting, but obviously, i need to do a little more reading. and maybe learn how to make the pictures pretty in photoshop.