Saturday, April 25, 2009

Birthday Round 3

I know, I know...I haven't updated my blog. But that is because Maddox's birthday overwhelmed me. We had 3 parties for him and a bazillion pictures. So finally, with Grandma Barb in town to help babysit, I will try and catch up. 

Maddox's big party was at Pump it Up with all his school friends. We did a combined birthday party with another boy, since they had the same birthday. Tons of fun. 2 huge room filled will lots of these bouncy house/slide things. 

Griffin trying to keep up with the big kids. I didn't post the picture of him getting stuck here and me rescuing him, but I did. He couldn't quite get himself over this wall. 

The birthday boys

The party room where we had some gigantic cupcakes and opened presents. Total chaos with 2 excited boys and 18 kids trying to hand them presents. But they loved it.

Birthday Round 2

Round 2 was celebrated at home on his actually birthday with just us. Maddox picked French Toast for breakfast and Subway for dinner. Actually, he calls it "Subway Eat Fresh". 

Subway dinner with cheetos and chocolate milk, yum yum.

Thanks Aunt Maggie for the SpongeBob Color Explosion. Great present!

And of course, he was allowed to play his Wii for as long as he wanted. Here, he is playing some Mario Kart, but also spent the day playing Lego Star Wars that Uncle Seth gave him for his birthday. This was a real treat, since the Wii is only played on special days.

Birthday Round 1

Birthday dinner at Grandma Mary's house. Delicious dinner followed by some chocolate cake and presents.