Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Bumblebee


Saturday, March 21, 2009

Happy 1/2 Birthday, Baby

Yup, Reese is already 6 months. I know...it goes by so fast. Waaaaay too fast. She had her big weigh in last week and tipped the scales at 19 1/2 pounds! Still off the charts for weight. But I was suprised, I thought for sure she'd be over 20. Judging by the size of my right bicep and my lower back pain. The nurse was very pc, and politely said she is "greater than 95%". Uh hum, yeah, she's a big girl. Go ahead and say it. And she's in the 75% for height and head. She was a trooper for her shots, and Maddox being the sensitive boy he is, tried to talk the doctor out of giving Reese her vaccinations. And then when the time came, he turned his head and dramatically stated he couldn't watch. Griffin was just happy that he had a lollipop, and wasn't the one on the table with his pants down. 

Reese can roll from her back to her tummy. She's also a pro at getting to her toys. For a baby who can't crawl yet, she seems to find a way. She swings those hips back and forth and kind of works her way across her blanket. I'm sure it won't be long before she's on the move. Time for me to pull out those outlet covers and find a new home for the little legos. Ahhh, baby proofing. Seems like we just unbabyproofed everything. Wait, we did.
And Reese has two teeth. See them, I tried to get a nice close-up shot with out drool.

And this is my favorite picture. I'm so lucky to have this little girl. She is the best and I love her tons. I love her chubbiness and all her many rolls. I love how big her eyes get when she is thinking and I love to make her laugh. She is such a happy girl and I couldn't imagine our family with out her. Happy 1/2 birthday Reesie!

Friday, March 6, 2009


Reese LOVES the jumper. And she can really get going in that thing. Out of all her "stations", this is by far her favorite. And you know, she probably gets a little workout for her legs while she's at it. Just a little toning maybe. (Not that she needs it or anything.) Heck, they should make these for adults. I would jump away while watching 2 hours of American Idol. That could add up to some serious calorie burning!

Too bad it doesn't do anything for those cheeks!