Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

Well, it's about 11pm and I thought I'd do one last post for the year. 
My favorite shots of the kids today...

I love this picture of Griffin. He has such a sweet look, yet you know he's been in to something. He's got the "I didn't do it" face. 

And Reese is saying, "I hate tummy time. Just pick me up already. My head is way too heavy for this business."

And Maddox is saying, "Move Mom, I can't see. Your big camera is in the way. You're going to make me lose." 

Christmas Eve

I was trying real hard to get the perfect Christmas Eve picture in front of the tree. These were the best of the bunch. I wish I knew photoshop. Then I could take everyone's best pose and merge into one great photo.

Maddox starting to doze off...

Griffin getting into the presents....

Yeah, this is what pretty much all the pictures looked like.

And when Reese started to slip, I said "hold her head"

Cookies for Santa

On Christmas Eve, Maddox and Griffin frosted cookies for Santa Claus. I think Griffin was more interested in eating the frosting than decorating. He would watch me, and when I looked away, he would sneak a bite. And then a bite of the cookie. But Maddox, always the perfectionist, was very careful and wanted to make sure the sprinkles were just right for Santa.

I can't believe Reese barely fits her bumbo seat. I have to seriously push her down into it. There is no wiggle room. I promise I'm not feeding her cookies and frosting!

Friday, December 19, 2008

plump little legs

Is there anything cuter than chubby babies? I had to take a picture of Reese's most beautiful, plus sized legs. And the tights with the printed shoes just made it all that much better.  Kinda reminds me of the Queen of Hearts...big legs and tiny toes. 

(Shhhh...don't tell her she can"t be a ballerina!)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Hooray for snow!

Reese is 3 months!

I can't believe Reese is already 3 months and sitting in her bumbo seat. At her 2 month apt, she weighed in at a hefty 14lbs. I'm sure she's close to 16 or 17lbs by now. She is just about out of 3-6m clothes, and actually has started to wear her 6-9m. She loves her swing, bouncy seat, bumbo and staring up at the toys on her play mat. She hates her binky, crib and anytime she has to lay flat on her back. We're working on that! She still sleeps in the cradle next to my bed, but I think I'm going to start teaching her to sleep in her own bed. She loves watching Maddox and Griffin play, and of course, is fascinated by the big ugly brown beast, I mean Angus.

She also loves to suck on her hand, but hasn't quite been able to find her thumb. As much as I try and help her, she hasn't figured that out yet.
She reminds me more of Maddox as a baby then Griffin. She has Maddox's "roundness" in terms of eyes and belly! But of course, much more ladylike.

Big smiles!

Reese has the biggest smile and eyes! I think the flash of the camera kept causing her to blink, but when she gets going, she is just all smiles. I love it! I love how it accentuates all her rolls and chubbiness!

Maddox hears a who!

So Maddox found this berry from one of my Christmas wreaths, and came up to me saying it was the "speck" and that he saved Whoville. Then, he went on to tell Reese all about Whoville, and Horton, and how "a person's a person no matter how small." Maddox loved the attention he was getting from Reese. She was just fascinated by him. I was just cracking up, he was being typical Maddox explaining how things work.

Notice the hand...Maddox always starts every sentence by saying "well..." and then continues his long, detailed explanations.

Griffin was upset that I wasn't letting him look at the camera after each picture. 
I love his angry face.