Sunday, February 22, 2009

Griff just bein' Griff

All day long, I hear Maddox yell in his frustrated, whiny voice..."GRIFF! No Griff. Griff stop."
And that is because Griffin is the button pusher/troublemaker of the family. The two boys are complete opposite. Maddox is very particular, likes things a certain way, has a hard time coloring outside the lines so to say. Griffin is messy, crazy and loves to do things the wrong way. These pictures are just one example of their all day antics. Griffin walked out of the bathroom wearing his pants on his head, continued down the hall and then proceeded to try and get Maddox's attention. Of course, Maddox immediately grabbed the pants and said "No Griff. Pants don't belong on heads." (Very Maddox). And then Griffin yells "Hey, Stop that" displaying the pouty lips. (Very Griffin).  And so the cycle starts and continues all day.     Brothers.

Valentine's Day

Thanks Grandma Barb for the Valentine's goody bags! Griffin loved the squishy dinosaur. And Maddox said he loved the Laffy Taffy stick the best.

And Reesie loved her new teether toy. She figured it out pretty quick.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What is this?

I was going to wait until she was 6 months, but Reese has really shown an interest in eating. She stares at all of us when we're at the table eating, and has even started reaching at my spoon. Had this look on her face, like, when do I get some? She also sits up really well and is just about 5 months, so I thought we would try some delicious Gerber rice cereal. 

I think this first picture sums up her initial reaction. Kinda like, WHAT in the world is this? 

Not sure what to do with it. She kind of just let it sit for a while. Probably confused by all the flashing lights going off at the same time.

Eventually, she got the hang of it. I'll let her get used to this for a while, then the vegetables. I'm going to be mean and hold off on the tasty bananas and peaches until she's tried (and learned to like) most of the vegetables. I did that with Maddox, but not Griffin, and I really think it makes a difference down the road. Maddox will eat his broccoli FIRST, and then everything else. Griffin won't even eat a carrot, let alone anything green.

Fun with markers

Okay, so a few days ago, I was working and called home to check in right about the time Aaron got home from Preschool with Maddox. I asked how Maddox did in school, and he said, well, he kinda got into trouble with the markers. Now usually, that entails Maddox coloring all over his hands, or his knees (yeah, I don't know). But today, he apparently colored his eyes! Teacher Barb said she tried to wash it off, but had a hard time. I didn't know if I should laugh or be upset, cause as soon as Aaron told me what he had done, I knew why. That morning, I was getting ready for work, and Maddox came in just as I was putting on mascara. Now, he's seen me do this before, but that morning he was very inquisitive.

Maddox: Why are you painting your eyes black?

Me: That's what mommies do so they don't look tired.

Maddox: Made a funny face... (Didn't seem satisfied with that answer)

Me: It just a mommy thing. Just like daddy's have to shave their whiskers, mommies make their eyelashes look longer. 

Maddox: But what is it?

Me: It's mommy's make-up.

Maddox: But I want boy make-up

Me: Well, if you put on make-up, I think you would look silly like a clown.  It's just a mommy thing. You don't want to look silly do you?

Well apparently, he did! His explanation to me when I got home....

Maddox: Well, I wanted to look like a clown, so I just colored my eyes. 

Hmmm, I think my lesson learned is to be more careful with the words I pick. Apparently, little boys WANT to look like clowns!

Fireman Dad

Every year, Maddox's preschool takes a class field trip to a fire station. This year, Teacher Barb thought it would be fun if the kids went to see Maddox's dad at his fire station.  Aaron did a great job!  I think the highlight of the morning for the kids was spraying the fire hose. Aaron helped each one hold the hose and squirt water. They loved it!

Maddox and Fireman Dad


In the back is Fireman Reed putting on ALL his gear...exactly how he would look if he went into a burning house. Aaron was explaining what everything does and how it works. Many kids get scared when they see a fireman all suited up and breathing with the air tank, so it was cool that they got to see him go from Mr. Reed to Fireman Reed and then Aaron had them all go up and touch him and poke at him so they knew he wasn't scary.  The kids had a lot of fun doing that.
The whole class at Station 53!

So much fun and we get to do it again when Griffin's class takes their field trip in a couple years. Thanks Aaron for being a super fireman and an awesome dad!