Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2 month update

i can't believe this little guy is 2 months already.
here is a little update with some recent pictures and a list of his favorites


he loves his big sister.
and she LOVES him.

bath time

a break from all the noise.
just him in his tubby in a heated bathroom.
all by himself, no loud kids or big barking dog.
what could be better?


this picture was taken at 6 weeks, i think it's his first smile on camera.


santa brought him some rattles and squeaky toys that he found in our attic : )
reese reminded me many, many times that harrison needed toys from santa too.


a cruel trick we play on babies.
we make them learn to love it and then rip it away on his 2nd birthday ; )

fisher price rock & play sleeper

(i think i love this more than him, but this thing is awesome)
he sleeps *most* of the time in here.
one of the few baby items i purchased this time around, but worth every penny.
wish i had this for the other 3 kids.

halo swaddle sleep sack

another new baby item and again, wish i had one of these for the others.
this thing has some serious super power velcro.
fly away arms have no chance against the halo.

dr visits

actually, i don't think he likes these anymore.
he got his first round of vaccinations last week.
yes, he cried... a lot.
and no, reese did not cry for him.
i think she was a little happy that it was him and not her this time.

but she did try to cheer him up and told him he would get a sticker if he was good.

2 month weigh-in
12 lbs 5 oz

60% height, 60% weight & 60% head

no wonder he doesn't look like his brothers and sister.
he's proportioned! 

and MY favorite thing about this baby... 

he loves to be held

i am really going to miss this age, especially those chubby fingers.
i don't ever want to forget these moments.
a happy, sleepy baby that just wants to be cuddled.


Elizabeth said...

I love the binkie picture! He looks so sweet!

liz said...

oh my gosh, he is so adorable! i bet reese just loves being a big sister :)

plain jane said...

Aww - he is so cute! I need to come over and hold him again.